Dezaiko Lodge
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Built in 1985, Dezaiko Lodge is part of the first generation of backcountry ski lodges in British Columbia. Since then there have been a few additions and renovations but we have chosen to keep the original spirit of the lodge intact. After all, this is a lodge for backcountry skiers.

We wouldn’t describe it as posh or luxurious. Clean, comfortable and cozy are how our guests describe it. The lodge is crafted entirely and finished naturally with wood from local tree species. It is warm and bright and always a welcome sight at the end of a great day of skiing.

our Lodge

Dezaiko Lodge has an open sleeping loft upstairs. All bedding, including down duvets, is provided. Downstairs is a comfortable place to relax and socialize. Meals are served family-style at the big pine dining table. The adjoining sauna is a great place to unwind and freshen up after a full day of skiing. The outdoor shower is much more enjoyable than it sounds. Dezaiko Lodge is a true mountain lodge: there is no electricity, running water means running to the well, and the view from the outdoor toilet is spectacular!


our Food

The meals at Dezaiko Lodge have been described as “legendary” and “out of this world.” Everything is made from scratch with fresh and wholesome ingredients and served in quantities large enough to satisfy the big appetites that go along with a day’s ski touring in the mountains. All meals, snacks and appetizers are included in the package.

We can accomodate most dietary requests. More complex issues requiring specialized food items and/or additional preparation time may require an additional charge. Please contact us to obtain a quote.

Guest logistics

Our guest information package contains full details on travel, lodging, equipment and a packing list.

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Remember these are the mountains. There are hazards. We do ski in avalanche terrain. There are cliffs, cornices, trees, rocks and numerous other hazards. It’s our job, with your cooperation, to keep you safe. Due to the unpredictable nature of skiing in the mountains though, there is still some risk. After all, that’s part of the appeal of the backcountry. Our guides are extremely experienced, having skied in these mountains for more than 2 decades. They carry certification from world recognized bodies including the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, the Canadian Avalanche Association and the Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association.

Access to Dezaiko Lodge is by helicopter only. Flying in the mountains in winter is a very serious business. The pilots that do our flying have many years of mountain flying experience. We never question their decision whether to fly or not. It doesn't happen very often, but there are times when because of weather conditions, flying just isn't possible on the day scheduled. Please make sure you consider that possibility when planning your trip.


Insurance and Liability Waiver

It is strongly recommended that guests obtain trip cancellation and medical insurance. If you require an evacuation, whatever the reason, it will require a helicopter, which is expensive. Make sure your insurance covers that possibility. All of our guests are required to sign a release of liability waiver in our presence. We will have a copy for you to sign on the morning of the start of your week. In case you want to review it ahead of time, here it is.

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Dezaiko welcomes people of all abilities.
— Stephanie | Vancouver, British Columbia