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Photo: Catherine Hagen

Photo: Catherine Hagen


The Dezaiko Lodge story began way back in the 1970’s . . .

Craig’s dad, George Evanoff, had spent many years exploring the ranges of the northern Rocky Mountains. In the Dezaiko Range wilderness he found a place that he thought would be perfect for a backcountry ski lodge. The surrounding terrain had high alpine bowls, long, open tree runs, and incredibly deep snow.

George Evanoff

George Evanoff

He began to pursue his vision of creating a business focused on providing an intimate backcountry experience for small groups of keen backcountry skiers.

In 1985 he received permission from the government to build what was then one of the first commercial backcountry ski lodges in British Columbia.

The first group of guests arrived in January of 1986. The skis were long and skinny and the clothing was wool!

George guided and his wife Lil cooked. Craig and Bonnie helped with the business too, making it a family operation.

George was tragically killed during a grizzly bear encounter in 1998.

A new Provincial Park, Evanoff Park, in the nearby McGregor Range, was named in George’s memory to recognize his years of exploration and dedication to the conservation of the mountain environment he loved.

Craig and Bonnie took over the operation of Dezaiko Lodge, and during the following 2 decades as the times and skiers changed, continued to update both the lodge and the experience offered.

Advances in equipment opened the door for many to enjoy what used to be seen as an exclusive activity. Now those with a just a bit of skiing under their belts could also enjoy the backcountry ski experience.

While the equipment we use has changed, what has remained the same throughout the years is Dezaiko’s commitment to helping guests to have an incredible backcountry experience.

The Dezaiko philosophy is keep it small, keep it simple, and focus on our guests.

Our guests think that’s winning formula, and we think that you will too.

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It’s rare to find a small place where the owner-operators do it all themselves. It’s pure.
— Russ | Bozeman, Montana