Dezaiko Lodge
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Our philosophy

Our philosophy


We may not be big. But we are small . . .

We have chosen to remain relatively small over the more than 3 decades we have been in operation.

We prefer to maintain a small footprint on the landscape. We value the natural environment of the area as much as we value the great ski terrain and snow.

The Dezaiko Range is still wild. You won't see anyone else when you are there. You won't hear the thumping of helicopters or whine of snowmobiles.

You will probably see mountain goats and caribou, or at least sign of them. We try to coexist with the local species. If they are using good ski terrain, we will go somewhere else and let them be.

We are concerned about climate change. We do what we can to minimize our impact. The lodge is easy to heat. We burn less than a cord of firewood each season. We minimize our use of fuel guzzling helicopters by doing only one group changeover each week.

We donate to like minded environmental organizations and are proud to be a 1% for the Planet company.

In our own small way, we are making a difference.