Our Mountains

The Dezaiko Range of the Rocky Mountains was made for skiers. A deep winter snowpack, combined with exceptionally skiable terrain, makes it a backcountry paradise. Treeline at this latitude is low, about 5000feet. The peaks in the area rise to about 7000 feet. Alpine runs like the classics, Porcupine and White Wizard offer up to 2000 feet of above treeline skiing. Experienced skiers know that good tree skiing is important when the weather is stormy. We have the best tree skiing to be found anywhere, without question. Our latitude, combined with a cool moist climate, has resulted in very open forests. Natural glades are abundant from treeline to valley bottom. Never ski the same line twice- the opportunities are limitless. Tree runs like Stellar and The Glades extend down to 3500 feet. Most of our terrain is north facing which means the snow remains light and dry throughout the season.