Sample Itinerary

Our backcountry ski vacations typically run Saturday to Saturday, providing 7 days of skiing and 7 nights of lodging.

Groups meet Saturday morning at the helicopter staging area located in beautiful downtown Sinclair Mills. From there guests experience a spectacular 15 minute helicopter flight to the lodge.

A typical day at the lodge begins as the sun rises over the Dezaiko Range. Coffee is ready by 7 AM. Destinations and plans for the day are discussed over a hearty breakfast. Smaller groups may be organised depending on individual's objectives or skiing ability. Lunches are packed and we are usually ready to go by 9.

Your guides will lead you to the best terrain and snow conditions available. We will ski high above treeline on days with good weather. On low visibility days we will enjoy some of the best tree skiing to be found anywhere. You can expect to ski runs of up to 1000 metres (3300 feet) of vertical relief.

By late afternoon, as our legs are beginning to tire, we return to the lodge. An afternoon snack of tea, coffee and cakes precedes a hot sauna and refreshing roll in the snow or shower. Cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres is followed by a delectable dinner. The rest of the evening is spent relaxing, socializing and planning the next day's adventures.